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Friday, April 13, 2007

Recovery time

Yesterday I hiked partway up the Irish Hills trail, near the south end of San Luis Obispo. This hike is fairly steep, especially at the start. Keeps climbing and climbing. I decided I would go fifteen minutes up and then turn around. To allow for the faster descent and the stops on the way up, though, I modified my plan; I went up for about 22 minutes, then turned around and came down. I therefore probably was actively hiking for about 32 minutes, more or less, because I stopped to get my breath several times.

Steep hikes can play hell with the knees, and I was tired out by such a short hike when I got back to my car. I didn't want to subject my legs to anything more.

Today, though, no ill after-effects. And last night, no cramps or anything else. I think this is a change. It feels like it is.

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