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Sunday, May 6, 2012

These Knees aren't made for running, and other stories

A few weeks ago Chuck, my therapist, mentioned that my new knees are not designed for running. Running wears them out. Doubles tennis is okay. Walking is okay (as long as it feels okay). No running. Also no deep knee bends. These are activities I was not engaging in anyway so I'm not missing them.

I am missing walking without pain, consistently. My right hip is bothering me more and more. Sometimes I can do a bit of a hike or walk and feel good but then the next several days I get nothing but hip pain. I am not sure how to work this.

I have joined a photography club. At our monthly meetings we get "assignments" for the next meeting. These assignments are starting to get me out there, on my feet, for brief forays. I am remembering a time, years ago, right after my younger daughter was born. There was a big storm. The day after the storm I went to a park that was flooded to take pictures (with a film camera, of course).  Standing in the tall grasses, feet soaking wet, body starting to shiver, I realized that I was capable of ignoring discomfort when engaged in something I love. This was actually a revelation to me. I am finding it to be true again.


Michelle Himes said...

I'm sorry that you are still having hip pain.

I also understand how you can forget about discomfort when you are absorbed in something that interests you. I've had that same experience painting watercolors outdoors.

Love your photos!

Judith Lautner said...

Thanks, Michelle!

got2gorn said...

Hi I don't understang something. When you say they tell you ur new knees are not made for running. I thought otherwise. Im having a double knee replacement on June 6 and Im terrified. When it sit normally its always in a yoga position. When I questioned the surgeon he said I should be able to everything I used to do. I was very active I also RA and many other health problems and was recently diagnosed with steriod induced osteonecrosis of the knees. Im doing both because I also have pulmonary fibrosis, and while my lungs are stil viable I need to do the surgery and I dont have 2 years of my life to waste on recovering, I want to be able to jog and excerize and yoga. Is he lieing to me? I read your article in Lifescripts and now Im more afraid them ever Im 52 years old but body of 80 year old.

Sonali said...

Very informative post about arthritis and I can feel that I can definitely get arthritis cure after reading your posts.

Thanks a lot again.

Anonymous said...

A lot of running problems have an underlying cause usually muscle weakness, poor movement control, poor flexibility, altered biomechanics or training error. I suspect from your history of sprains that it's the balance and movement control you'll need to work on.


William scott said...

Simple causes of knee pain often clear up on their own with self care. Being overweight can put you at greater risk for knee problems.

Treatment for Arthritis.

Anthony @ Arthritis Pain Treatment said...

Hey Judith, Its true that artificial can never be as good as something natural, but your passion (photography in your case), lets you tolerate all pains and give your best. Its only passion that can beat pain. Good luck.

Margerie Lou said...

I am sorry about your pain, I am familiar with this same discomfort and have tried pretty much everything! But if I could recommend something for you to try it would be Asteeza, it is all natural and really helps with the pain! Just a thought:)

Judith Lautner said...

Got2Gorn, I have read a lot about this "running after knee replacements" and it looks like caution is the word of the day. Keep a healthy weight and take it easy. I have met people in therapy who overdid it and ended up needing a second knee replacement, which is no laughing matter. So work with a therapist who is a sports expert and see how far you can go.

I am sorry I did not know about these comments until now!