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Friday, March 30, 2012

On Top of Old Islay

Yesterday I hiked up Islay Hill, a small hill at the southeast end of San Luis Obispo. Not a huge challenge for the average person, and really it wasn't a huge challenge for me but enough of one. My fitbit tells me I hiked 44 "floors", which translates to about 440 feet, a new record for me (since I've had the fitbit, and since I've had knee surgery).

I was surprised at how well I was able to make the climb. I admit I was huffing and puffing a little, and the last portion was a bit of a strain as it is steeper, but with my trusty hiking stick I felt confident. It was only when I started downhill that my body let me know it has had better times. I felt the shock of each step at first, as I descended the steeper portion, and when it flattened more I still felt more discomfort than I'd had climbing up.

When I got home after the hike I found it funny that I did the two-step climbing the few steps into my house, after climbing so many more steps shortly before. Perhaps my joints were cooled off by then, or, likely, there was some swelling in my legs.

This morning I was stiffer than usual and at physical therapy I found some moves to be more painful than usual, particularly the hip machine when I was pushing the weight up with my bent knee.

The picture on the right shows approximately what it looks like. I don't kick my leg up quite that high - but it's something to shoot for.

I don't plan to do this hike again right away. It took me 54 minutes up and 40 minutes down. Quite slow! Others get up there in a half hour or less, and I have seen a number of persons running the trail. Well, good for them! I won't be joining them. I will hike it again, but later, later, when I feel a little stronger. I feel good that I did it, that I felt strong, even though I am paying for it now.

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Areya said...

Seems to me you are on the right trail, Judith. Moderation and paying attention to what your body tells you.