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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Respite of a different kind

I am on the third day of a course of prednisone, prescribed to treat an odd skin rash. I knew when it was prescribed that I would get a break from some of the pain of arthritis as well, and I welcomed it.

Because prednisone reduces inflammation, what I am noticing is the reduced pain that is attributed to inflammation. It does nothing for the built-up fluid in my left knee, nor for the pings and occasional sharp biting pains that are probably associated with bone-on-bone activity. What I notice is that when I am sitting for a little while it is not hard to get up again, and generally I can move more freely and some of the exercises I do are easier. During this rather hard pain time, I am enjoying the break.

It will all go away again, of course, when the prednisone wears out. I may have a few days beyond that end. Might even make it to Christmas. Nice.

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