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Friday, January 1, 2010

in the hand

Lately I have been having pain in my right hand. The first finger and thumb, almost like it had been broken. The digits are a little bit swollen, inflamed I guess. Another outbreak of arthritis, different location. I have been learning that when these first big assertions arrive they eventually die down and I can live with it. So I wait it out. In the meantime it is hard for me to lift things or turn knobs, that sort of thing. I had a time peeling potatoes last night.

I haven't been doing regular exercise lately, dang it all. I do get out to walk a bit, just not as much as would make much of a difference. Sometimes I just give in to the pain. And I think about steroids.

The last time I saw a doctor about this, with the pain in my left arm, he suggested taking tylenol four times a day, one capsule at a time. I have been doing that and sometimes I've taken two at a time twice a day. I do think it helps a bit, sometimes more than others. I consider this routine temporary. I am not interested in being on painkillers all my life.


"Guppy" Honaker said...

Hi Judith:

First, great arthritis blog! Sorry to read about the pain in your hand. Be careful about taking Tylenol. Too much (or even a little, over an extended period of time) can cause liver damage (I speak from experience).

- David

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Judith said...

i am careful indeed about tylenol. I am taking four a day right now, max. Sometimes none. I am breaking away from it now that my left arm is not as painful...Yes, left arm. Another site.

davidk said...

Judith make sure you dont stay on it to much or else you will need to keep uping the dosage

Judith said...

No, I don't have any need to increase the dosage, nor would I. It makes little enough effect, just offers enough to take the edge off.

davidk said...

its good you are trying not to take it unless you need it

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nitehuff said...

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