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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Real progress

A couple of months ago I started again on the McDougall Plan. This post tells a bit about that start. I have been following it relatively painlessly, although from time to time I lapse and have too much fat or bread.

I have lost 20 pounds. Initially, in the first few days, the overall pain I was having in my joints lessened, and I hoped to find a culprit in the food I eat. I did not, but the pain did not grow again whatever I did, which is good enough. I discovered that coffee was causing me sleep problems and energy problems and stomach problems, all of which I could have guessed but I resisted. So I have cut out drinking coffee except now and then a cup or a half-cup. I have tea sometimes, herb tea.

After several weeks I decided to try hiking again. The pain in my right hip was not coming as often and I thought perhaps I could get through some small hikes. I did start small, and I did have episodes of startling, searing pain, but never anything that crippled me, made it impossibly painful to finish the hike. I have still not done many hikes, about seven or so, but they have gotten a little harder and longer and I am managing better. On my last hike I didn't have any of those bad episodes. I get stiff and I get tired but in a few days I am fine, or not worse anyway. I don't get worse by doing this.

Therefore I do feel hope. More than I've felt in a long time. I continue to do the ageless yoga sometimes, and want to make that more regular.

Right now I feel like I am on a plateau. Not a lot of energy and staying at the same weight. I will move past it.


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Judith said...

James, Painkillers help get you over a bad spot but they don't cure anything. That's why I am trying other things. I have tried vicodin and hydrocodone and both make me sick so I don't use them except when I am really desperate.