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Thursday, February 5, 2009

gone again

The pain in my right leg - hip, I guess- has been gone for a few days now. I've been paying attention. It didn't take long for it to leave again, which is a good sign.

I do think my little workouts are helping here.

Today I did new one. It is called Strong and Safe or Safe and Strong, I forget. I will look it up.

Safe and Strong at 50, by Cindy Kozacek (pronounced Kozak). It is a strength training workout for us older folks. It isn't specifically for arthritics and I found I could not do one of the exercises. I could do the rest. Cindy offers us three different versions of every exercise, including one that's seated. She is excellent at cueing and explanations without wasting time. And she's generous in her understanding of where we may be at. The workout requires weights and resistance tubes. It is the first time I have used resistance tubes and I like them. I can see why people would like to bring them when they travel. They are versatile and lightweight and inexpensive.

I recommend this workout. I will be using it "in rotation" with others and with my wii workouts.

I am also now keeping a little notebook in which I jot down how I feel each day and any other notes that may be relevant to my health and state of mind. It's good to keep track.

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