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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Arthritis Rx DVD

After I read the Arthritis Rx book, which is the main focus of this blog, I hunted for an accompanying DVD. I did not find one. Until a few weeks ago. I decided to make another hunt on Amazon and one came up!

But there was only one available, from one of Amazon's affiliates, practice yoga in New York City, for $29.99. I ordered it. Today I tried it out.

The DVD has two of the three sets of exercises described in the book: A and B. Most people, according to the book, simply stick with the first set and never move on to B. The C set is for serious athletes. The exercises themselves are a little different from the ones in the book. Some are left out, others added. Most are the same, however. The DVD runs continuously, without a formal menu, and the A set moves right into the B. The two sets are prefaced by a brief introduction to Dr. Vijay Vad. In other words, it's a DVD without any glitz.

Set A is modeled by a woman, while Set B uses a man. A woman narrates. There is the obligatory yoga-type music in the background.

I liked using it. Although I have memorized the exercises in set A and can do them anywhere without the book or the DVD I liked being led through them this way. I saw some things in the postures that I could not tell from the descriptions and illustrations in the book, and I felt I was paying more attention to my form. It is also helpful for pacing the deep breaths, although there is nobody counting them out loud. The model forms a little "O" with her mouth when she exhales (although the book recommends breathing in and out through the nose), so you can tell the pace of her breathing.

I noticed today that again there is one available, from practice yoga, through amazon. It appears that when one is sold they put one more out there on amazon. Perhaps they even duplicate the DVDs as orders arrive. I looked on the website and did not find this DVD anywhere. I wondered if there would be more information about it there but there isn't.

I recommend it!


RyanNY said...

I have two herniated discs in my lower back (L1 & L2) and now I'm facing osteoarthritis. Many of the exercises and stretches that my physical therapists have shown me are based on yoga and pilates. I find them very helpful. I always feel better after I do them. A lot of them are altered to protect my back from being further injure though. Some yoga exercises can be too strenuous. So be careful.

Judith said...

Hi Ryan!

Yes, some traditional yoga exercises are not appropriate for arthritis. That's why this particular batch of exercises was developed specifically for this condition. They are safe and effective. It has taken quite a while for the combination of glucosamine, exercise, and diet to create a difference in me. No easy answers, as you know.

teh4 said...

Dear Judith,
We'd love if you would share some of your experiences about how practicing yoga has helped your arthritis over at for the benefit of those looking for firsthand arthritis information and insight. I'd love to talk to you more about some meaningful programs we are running to help connect people with arthritis in new, powerful ways online.

Please feel free to contact me below:

Please feel free to contact me

Judith said...

Hi teh4,

I will certainly look at and I'll comment if it seems appropriate. And I may contact you by email as well. Thank you for the lead.